Thursday, July 30, 2015

D.C.North Week 1 "DC IS SOOOO COOL!"

July 27, 2015

I'm doing super great! DC is really cool and I am perfectly fine with staying here to wait for my visa. President and Sister Cooke are really cool and will help us with whatever we need. My companion's name is Elder Springer and he is from southern Cali. There are some people here who speak Portuguese but guess what!? I'm in the Spanish program right now so I will be learning Spanish for now so I'm gonna learn two languages on my mission :p

I will take pictures! I haven't been taking a whole ton but I will start to take more!

I have had a lot of Mexican/Hispanic food since I have gotten here and it is waaaay good! I'm also super excited for the food in Angola. I heard it was really good! We didn't do anything out here for Pioneer day cause as you know... its not that big of a deal.

About my week...

Tuesday: We got in and met President and Sister Cooke and then they took us to the Daily Grill (they said it was one of their favorites) and it was sooooo expensive! It was right next to a Mortons Steakhouse if that says anything. I kinda felt bad for making them spend so much but it was sooooo good. We also had a little "transfer meeting" that night to meet our companions. 

Wednesday: Elder Springer had a lot of stuff to do so we went to a meeting that morning, went home and I pretty much chilled the whole day while he did stake stuff. 

Thursday: WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!! We got to see the temple on Tuesday and it is soooooo biiiiiggggg!! And it is sooo beautiful! We got to take a tour of all the engineer stuff under it which was way cool. When we go again on the 5th, we will get to take a roof tour! Im so excited! ahhhhhhhh!

Friday: Friday we went shopping for ourselves, which was fun! We also went to check up on some less active members and we went tracting a little. It was fun because we were on bikes! And we had an interesting conversation with a drunk/high black guy who refused the BoM because he said that we wouldnt leave the house if he needed us if we couldnt help over the phone haha so it was a good time! 

Saturday: They have a horse farm that we go do service for every week and the farm is used for therapy and stuff like Cheyenne does so I got some pictures and a video cause one of the horses was a champion jumper! But yeah they had a tour this week to kind of promote it and we helped park people and ate free food and shaved ice and got to pet the horses and I got to lead one of them to a field! I really liked it. And that night we went to a super delicious pizza place and taught a member a good lesson (in Spanish so I didnt really understand) but the spirit was definitely there.

Sunday: We had meetings at church from 9-6:30 and my first Spanish sacrament meeting. It was good even though I couldnt understand anything but random words, and a member of the stake presidency read a talk in Spanish that sounded pretty bad but props for trying haha. And then a member I was sitting by leaned over after he was done and asked "Does my English sound as bad as his Spanish does?" hahaha It was super funny 

So just some random things that are cool about the mission! 
1. We get to go to a Nationals game on the 8th of August!!
2. They are really lax about music so we get to listen to pretty much anything as long as doesn't have bad lyrics or a heavy beat or drive away the spirit!
3. We get to sleep in as long as we want on P-Day! 

I'm sure there are other things but I don't remember. 

Thank you all for the love and the pictures! I'm keeping you guys in my prayers!  

Ate Mais!

Elder Dawson

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