Wednesday, July 1, 2015

MTC Week 3 "Amazing!!!"

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Things are going great so far! I HAD THE MOST AMAZING THING HAPPEN THIS WEEK!!!!! I will tell you about it later. haha Teaching is coming along. Its is still hard but I am getting better as I study and try to learn what we are teaching. I did not get the chance to Host this week and no I didn't go to DC. I don't know what the travel office is doing but I don't want to be a visa waiter!  

The other Elders are my companion (Elder Christensen), Elder Montes, and Elder Smith. [He is talking about who was in the pictures he sent last week.] But yeah he is the one with the blonde hair, and Elder Montes is from Laredo/Denton, Texas. Um the tie draft is where everyone brings one or two ties and they put them in and then they write their name on a piece of paper and put it in a box and someone draws their name and you just keep doing that till all the ties are gone! I have gotten some pretty sweet ties from it.

And I also think I have psoriasis... haha I am getting a rash type thing around my wrists where my watch is and its really red and the skin is really dry but idk!

Sounds like you had a busy week! I miss you guys! But being here is so much fun too!

Um so about my week... It was still a lot of classes and teaching but I like it cause we are learning a whole ton. I am studying about Christlike attributes in PMG and am trying to develop them more so thats a challenge. Um the food this week was pretty good because of the Mission president seminar... We had Costa Vida, Chick-fil-a, taco bell, and subway! So that was a nice change from the "food" they serve us in the cafeteria. haha So this week when we were doing service some of the elders in our district were cleaning the bathroom, and then Elder Delano flushed the urinal to finish cleaning it and it didnt stop, and kept going, and going, and going haha so all of us were dying laughing while all the employees were freaking out trying to get it to stop. And theeeen Elder Bradshaw was laughing and he wasnt paying attention so he spilled a toxic chemical all over the floor and onto himself, which made it 10 times funnier. haha  Needless to say they got us out of there pretty quick.

But yeah. so that interesting thing that happened... THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! So last week me and my companion passed the sacrament in church and there were a couple people who were waaay impressed. Then on Wednesday, me and my companion got pulled out of class and were told to go put on our suits and meet back at 1M (The big building where everything happens) and this is all during the mission president seminar by the way, so nobody was allowed to go into 1M. So we get changed really quick and run over there, and then the guy we met said that we have been picked to pass the sacrament to the first presidency, quorom of the 12, and all of the mission presidents. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. So we practiced what we were going to do on Wednesday, and then on Sunday we did it! I got to see all of the first presidency, 9 out of 12 of the quorum and a lot of 70's and their mission presidents. And also Elder Nelson came over and shook all of our hands!!!! It was the coolest thing ever! It was amazing to be in the same room with all of them so personal. 

Oh and by the way, Johnnys new mission president is here. I actually got to talk to him but I didnt know it was him at the time haha how crazy is that?? So thats about my week...

Oh and also I dont remember if I mentioned this last email I am missing the middle page to my patriarchal blessing?? So can you send that to me? 

But yeah so thats pretty much my life right now.I love you all and miss you!

Ate Mais! 

Elder Dawson

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