Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MTC Week 4 "Spiritual Prison"

Tuesday, July 8, 2015

[We didn’t get an email from Andrew but we received a written letter from him on Monday, June 13 - typed below:]

Hey Mom!

I didn’t get an email and didn’t have time to write one so I am just going to write a letter!

Um, this week at the MTC has still been about the same.. Weird food, extreeemely looong classes, and teaching lots of lessons! I did have a couple cool/funny things happen this week! I got to clean the Temple today! (Tuesday) which was a way cool experience! We cleaned the initiatory (idk if that’s how you spell it), and the youth waiting area, also the waiting room for sealings! We were there for about 3 ½ hours but I didn’t feel like it!

I am still waiting to hear about my visa (I think I am going to get reassigned). We have gone to the travel office a couple of times but they are completely useless and do nothing but sit in front of their computers…

Could you look up “You Never Know” on Mormon Channel? It’s a website and the whole video made me think of the way you are! Thank you for all you do!!

But some things that were funny this week… We started teaching each other and me and my companion taught Elder Parker and Delano; neither like each other very much, and their personalities clash like nothing else. haha  So we started teaching and when we teach we like to find out about the investigators and Elder Parker (Brandon, his investigator) mentioned he liked to play the trombone. Well Elder Delanos face lights up (He was a “member” in the lesson) and he just blurts out “Eu trombone tam bien!” (I’m trombone as well!) All of this is in Portuguese by the way, but then Elder Parker pretty much yells in English “Oh! You’re a trombone too!?” So yeah haha it pretty much ruined the lesson, but it was sooo funny!

But yeah, I wanna go to Africa sooo bad!! It’s the worst… We call the MTC the Spiritual Prison on Earth. haha  It’s honestly the weirdest thing to think that I’m not gonna see you guys for 2 years and it’s only been 4 weeks! A lot has already changed with my plans when I get back… I don’t know which school I wanna go to, if I wanna come out here to work or just stay out there… but that’s all stuff I can figure out after the mission.

Anyways… Tell me about everything that goes on! I miss you guys!

Love you!

Elder Dawson

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