Wednesday, July 15, 2015

MTC Week 5 "Reassigned"

Tuesday, June 14, 2015

Oh yeah! It was a great birthday! And thank you tons for the packages! I loved everything I got! And Angola is now a no suit mission so I wont need to bring my suit!! The food is weird cause its probably been processed like 20 times before putting it in the package to eat. And they have some interesting food choices! haha The Portuguese is coming along... I can speak it better than I could six weeks ago! haha  I usually get on [the computer] at about 7-730 buuut that probably gonna change since I got reassigned.

This week was pretty much the same, a lot of class, a lot of teaching in Portuguese, a lot of joking and messing around, except for I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS TO GO TO ANGOLA!!!! All of us got them and we were all so excited and confused because most of us hadnt gone to the consulate, so we all went talked to the travel office and they said "Oh thats just in case your visa does come....." Seeing as how they didnt care about our feelings we decided to take a play on theirs and act really disappointed so they would tell us where we got reassigned to and all of us are going to Southern Cali. Im going to Redlands, and others are going to Arcadia, Bakersfield, San Jose... so yeah thats probably the only exciting thing we had happen this week besides our Nerf duels we have with the Nerf guns you sent! So cool! 

Im gonna send some pictures later!

Love you alll!!!
Elder Dawson

My Zone
My Roomies
Sisters that were leaving
Sisters that were leaving
July 3 - Festival in Provo
Just having fun with my camera

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