Tuesday, July 21, 2015

MTC Week 6 "Heading for D.C."

[Andrew was able to email us yesterday (7/20) with his flight info and confirm he is leaving tomorrow morning for Washington D.C. ]

July 20, 2015

That sounds way busy!! Can you send as many pictures as possible? I really like getting pictures. :p Definitely tell Sean to email me about EFY! It was one of the best experiences in my life.

Thats so crazy that Logan is home already! I'm kinda sad that I wont be able to see him for another two years! 

There is only one of us going to Cali. Elder Christensen, Elder Smith, and Elder Bradshaw got their visas, but Elder Bradshaw got his tonsils out today so he is here for about another 3 weeks. But yeah me, Elder Davis, and Elder Parker go to D.C tomorrow and report to the Travel office at 4:35 AM.

Thank You Tons! 

and tell Logan 
Eu amo ele! e eu muito animado a ver ele! 
Por que nos falamos portuguese muito! 
e meu portuguese e nao muito bom 
so dont make fun of me haha

I love you all! I will send pictures when I get to D.C. 

Elder Dawson 

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