Thursday, August 6, 2015

D.C. North Week 2 "I Wanna Go To Africa!"

Monday, August 3, 2015


The Mission office Address:
11700 Falls Road
Potomac, Maryland  20854

My 2nd week in D.C. has been great! There has been a lot of things happen this week. Yes they do encourage us to get up and exercise in the mornings but its still hard for me to get up so I don't regularly exercise. I have not yet gone to the consulate which is very disappointing... I WANNA GO TO AFRICAAAAA!!! I have actually done two sessions in the temple and will be able to do another on Wednesday and after attend the Sealing of some converts! Super excited!

I am actually not really needing to learn Spanish because I was told by president that I am going into the English program next transfer, but the Spanish is messing up my Portuguese! I tried convincing an Elder who is from Brazil that Bano is how to say bathroom in Portuguese, buuut its not... It is definitely Banero, so yeah! That was a good time. haha I am attending a Spanish ward right now and its kinda hard to pay attention cause all I understand is random words that are the same or really close to Portuguese.

We do have investigators and I am not 100% sure on their names or how they are progressing mostly because everything is in Spanish and I can only do so much with Spanish! Sorry! We do have a lot of appointments this week with them so I am excited for that! and it is great because I can always feel the Spirit when we (meaning my companion :p) teach!

So about my week...

Monday: We went to the Church and Played B-Ball, and played Bang and Munckin. We also ordered Pizza so that was nice and Relaxing! We had a Dinner appointment that night which went kinda late so we went and visited (tried to at least) less active members.

Tuesday: Was District meeting and Trainer Trainee Meeting! I gave a spiritual thought on fireflies, and how we catch them in glass mason jars to see them glow and how we need to catch all of the fireflies of this world (the good things in life) and be a light for other people to come unto Christ, it was pretty cheesy but I liked it! haha Then trainer trainee meeting was pretty much a mass therapy session which was kinda a waste of time but we have more this week! Whootwhoot! We then went to the Cheesecake Factory because cheesecake was half off and I got Salted Caramel Cheesecake! It was heavenly!! and also only 4 bucks! 

Wednesday: Nothing much happened on Wednesday, until we got home...  We got home a little early so Elder Springer and I caught about 50 fireflies and released them into our roommate’s room, so when they got home they had a ton of fireflies! Then they caught them all and then released them into the bathroom while Elder Springer was showering so he was a little freaked out when he got out. haha 

Thursday:  We had more meetings! -_- those went till about 1 and after that we went to Breusters! They have half off Banana splits if you bring your own banana! So I got a huge banana split for 3 bucks! It was a good time!

Friday: We spent a lot of time at the Church getting ready for a Baptism on Sunday. We had to get the fliers ready and the Baptismal Record and all of that jazz so I did some Indexing! That night we had a dinner appointment at a Peruvian restaurant with a member, He is waaay cool! I love Hispanics! Then we went to a Members house and visited with them for a little bit.

Saturday: Baptism Day!!! We spent the whole day pretty much preparing for a baptism and getting our oil changed. I also hit my head on a piece of wood and made it bleed! I was throwing away some trash in the dumpster outside the apartments, but I missed and it fell on the ground so as I was coming back up I hit my head on wood and made it bleed!

The guy who got Baptized name is Carlos, he is way cool and the Spirit was definitely there at the Baptism and since it was an Hispanic baptism there was a lot of food! Yum!

Sunday: fast and testimony meeting! I really liked it. We are doing this thing called the Process of Purification where we pick a few things that we can do better on and fix it as we go along our mission. I picked Obedience and Christlike Attributes, both things I reeeally need to work on. I also got to help confer the Holy Ghost to Carlos which was a way cool experience!

I love being a Missionary and am so happy doing the Lords work! 

Dad, you have to try Doritos, Cholula, and Lime juice! you mix them all together and eat it! Soooooo good! you will have to experiment with it and find out how much you like! 
I try not to sleep in too late! and I do get my laundry done!


Eu Amo Voces!
Are Mais!
Elder Dawson          

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