Thursday, June 18, 2015

MTC Week 2 "Haha"

June 17, 2015
Hey guys!

My first week was really good. I am so ready to leave! I am getting into the routine pretty well, It kinda reminds me of school so that's probably why it was easy. Thank you tons for the fritter! It was so good I ate it all that day. haha I do have a [laundry] stick for my collar and it works wonders! And I got a regular towel from an elder who left yesterday so Im good on that. But the micro-fiber towel is kinda weird. It works on drying off really well but its hard to keep a grip cause its slick and it will stick to your body. I have a guy in my district going to Johnny's mission!!!!! He didnt get his visa so he came to the Provo MTC. That is way crazy. But yeah I am gonna need cash. Cause we change our money from dollars to kwanza when we get over there.

It was good when the Elders went to LA. They pretty much got interviewed and got their fingerprints done. But I dont know when we will be going to DC - it will be me, Elder Davis and Elder Parker. Elder Davis is from Ohio and Elder Parker moved around a lot so Im not really sure where he is from so yeah! And I dont really know about the rest. When we go the travel office will tell us all of the details. 

But anyways about my week... Um We got to Host this week which was really cool. And when we were hosting guess who I saw! Elder Birch! (He is in Aunt Susannes ward) that was way crazy to see him. The food is still way iffy and Im pretty sure I am gaining weight which is what I do not want. haha But I also just saw Newel Cobb! He didnt really know who I was which was kinda funny but yeah! But other than that it was the same as last week. Lots of classes, lots of studying and being way tired! Learning the language is coming along and I am doing better than I was last week but I still have a looong way to go! But yeah I really like it. (its sounds way cooler than Spanish too :p)


And also Elder Montes (the one going to Johnny's mission) is the first missionary in his family so he hasnt really gotten any packages or letters. So when you send packages could you put some stuff in there for him?? Thanks a ton!

I love you all and miss you! 
Take care,

Elder Dawson

Andrew with Newell Cobb (He is from our
Stake-going to school at BYU & works at MTC)

This is my first ever tie draft! I got some sweet ties out of it!

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