Thursday, August 13, 2015

D.C. North Week 3 "Nooooo More Meetings!"

Monday, August 10, 2015

Oi! Como vai??

My investigators are coming along, Chachi (a nickname) came to church last week which was great! I try to help them feel the spirit since I can't speak Spanish and that's pretty much the only tool I can use in teaching them and hope and pray that the spirit makes up for what I can't do. Every investigator is different so we pray and try to teach to their needs so it's all different!

Yeah they gave me a card in the MTC and they put 130 bucks on each month, and no I didn't get money, I will get some before I leave DC and change it into kwanza when I get it. I did hit my head! It's healed fine and the scab came off a couple of days ago. An with the Cholula you coat the Doritos with the lime and hot sauce.

That's pretty crazy that Sean had his senior pictures. It's weird to think he is going to be a senior!
And that text [included picture] is actually from our stake president. He was there with us at the game. The other people in the picture were my companion and roomies (Elder Harston and Elder Billeter) and Elder Cruz who is in our district. Elder Harston is technically a visa waiter for Brazil and goes home in a week haha. I did not get a hot dog because I wanted to get a Jersey buuuut the one I wanted was 75 bucks... And they didn't look that good. They honestly looked like hotdogs you would get at Walmart.

And tell them [the ward members] I love them and miss them and thank you for everything they do!!

So about my week...

Monday: I went and played Ball at the stake center by the temple which was tons of fun! And after we went to shop at a Navy Exchange store which is like a discounted Macy's for military peeps. We then went to eat at Hibachi and then went to Nordstrom Rack, which is a discounted Nordstrom and it is suuuuper nice. Then we went an emailed till six and we went and had dinner at a members house which was good!

Tuesday: We had zone and district meeting and I taught a workshop on PMG Chapter 7 which I thought I did pretty good on haha but I don't know! We then went to the DC Stake Center and had more meetings!! Whoop fun!!
 we had appointment the rest of the night and it was super cool!

Wednesday: TEMPLE!!! Oh Yeaaaahhhhh!! We went as a mission and did a session which was pretty cool! I love the celestial room in the DC Temple. It is suuuuper big. But then again so is the temple. We then went to a sealing for one of Elder Springers recent converts it was a really cool experience. Then that night we went to two meal appointments and I almost died I was so stuffed! I had two plates of Spaghetti at the first meal appointment and then 4 Papusas at the next meal appointment so my stomach felt like it got beat up after we ate all of that haha.

Thursday: MORE MEETINGS!!! noooooo I don't like so many meetings. But it was a specialized training to get ready for us to get our *drum roll* IPADSSSSSSSS!! YESSSSS!! Im actually not that excited for it its just useful to have. We then went to lunch with a member and got ice cream after. Elder Springer had a migraine so we went back to the apartment, and he went to sleep while I studied and cleaned.

Friday: we went to the mission office and fixed bikes till about 12 then we went and ate lunch at Sardi's which is a Peruvian chicken restaurant and it was soooo good! They had these fry things called Yuca and it's the heart of some kind of food but I don't remember what it was exactly. We went to a couple appointments and then went to dinner at a taco truck with a member and the tacos were delicious!!!! I had Carne Asada, el Pastor, and De Langua, all of them suuuuper good!! He made us get so many tacos and take 10 home. Hispanics give soooo much fooood!

Saturday: BEST DAY OF THE WEEK!! We made an appointment with an investigator to go mountain biking and we were getting ready to go, and my tube tore while I was trying to pump up my tire so we had to go back to our apartment and get another tube, and then we fixed that and we started down the trail and my chain slipped off and got caught on the pedal! Wahoo! So after we fixed that we finally got going! It was a lot of fun and after we passed the halfway mark on the trail we were going down a hill and there was a drop in between a thin part of the trail. Well with my luck I went down the drop and somehow hit my front brakes and flipped over the front handlebars! It was actually pretty fun! I bruised my arm pretty bad and scraped my calf on something haha so yeah! It was a good time. That night was the Nats game!!!! Yeaaaahhhhh! We were way up in the nosebleeds which is actually a way good view for baseball games! It was a lot of fun and the Nats won
6-1!! Wohooo! We didn't get home till about 12:30 so we were super tired for church the next day.

Sunday: church was really good, we taught Sunday school and had really good brownies after, and we attended young men where we talked about the importance of eternal families which I really liked. We went and ate a meal at a members house after which was really good!

So yeah that was my week!

I love you all and miss you tons! I know that this is the Lords work and that he knows all things and I am so so glad to be a mouthpiece for his work.

Até mais!
Amo vocês!

Elder Dawson

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