Thursday, August 20, 2015

D.C. North Week 4 "Transfers Next Week!"

Monday, August 17, 2015

Olá! Como Vai!?
I am doing great right now! My my bike injuries weren't that bad, they are pretty much healed right now, you can only see where the scabs were.

I'm really grateful I can go [to the temple] too, I love going to the temple and feeling the Spirit that is there. I was actually studying about that earlier this week, in D&C 109:15 it talks about receiving the fullness of the Holy Ghost in the Temple, I learned that we feel the fullness of the Holy Ghost in the Temple because it is the only place on the earth where it can reside fully just because outside of the Temple there are all of the worldly things and bad things that are happening so the Spirit can't fully dwell.

So for the Cholula and lime juice, you just get a bag of Doritos (the small ones work the best just so you can put as much as you want in) and then you put in as much Cholula as you want, shake up the bag, and then put as much lime juice in and shake it again. All of this is just to your taste, if you like a lot then put a lot and if you like a little then put a little!

I actually already have an iPad, that's what I emailed on last week and this week too. We each have one, mine is just a loaner until I go to Angola.

I haven't been able to go to the consulate yet but that's good to know that my visa is getting worked on! Hopefully it will be soon!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!! That's cool that you guys got to go and see Garrison Keillor. I have always wanted to go and see him in person.
Soo about my week,

Monday: we just cleaned, emailed, played Munchkin, and Catan, and two dinner appointments first one we had hamburgers and strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert (homemade too so it was soooo goooood!!) and then we
had Bean soup at the next one (that's what they called it) and there was meat in it and you also put Créme, Queso fresco, pico de guillo, and avacodo. It was actually really good! But I was soooooooooo
stuuuuuuuffffeeeeddddd. I feel like I am hungry all the time because the Spanish program has stretched out my stomach and I have to eat a ton to get full haha but I try not to.

Tuesday: we had zone and district meeting, we went home and had lunch and went to the Trainer/Trainee meeting, we then went to a members house and made papusas!!! Woohoo! I love papusas.

Wednesday: I got full studies!!! Woohoo! So we did that, and then we went and helped a member with putting together shelves, and then she fed us lunch, we then went tracting as a district (not all in the same
place) for a certain area because their area was new and they were having a hard time finding investigators. Unfortunately we didn't find anybody.

Thursday: Farm day!! Whoop whoop! We got an hour of studies in before we went to the farm and then we painted a shed and a fence for 5 hours.  We then went home got showered and went to a members house to eat. Then I went on splits with Elder Parker (the other greenie) I came out with.

Friday: me and Elder Parker helped move in a new apartment some Elders are going to be living in, and then we went and got lunch and went home and had studies and went tracting! We had dinner as well but it was mostly tracting. haha

Saturday: we went on another bike ride with our investigator, and I didn't crash this time. haha We also went to play soccer with the sisters investigators which was a ton of fun! Our roommates took us to their dinner appointment where we had ribs, baked potatoes, broccoli, and key lime pie!

So this is how much the Spanish program has stretched my stomach, I ate about 8 ribs, two full potatoes, two big servings of broccoli, and a piece of key lime pie, I would have never been able to eat that
before the Spanish program. haha

Sunday: we had church, and a meal with a member, we then went to Why I Believe! Woohoo! It's a program where they have famous Mormons come and talk about why they believe yesterday it was Jason Hinds an Olympic runner, But I didn't go... Because Me and Elder Cruz also had the opportunity to give a little tour of the Visitors Center to a
Brazilian family who were visiting. The son was marrying a girl from Brazil, and her and her family were not LDS. It was a great experience and the Spirit was so strong and I was able to bear my testimony in Portuguese, so I hope the spirit was able to make up for my lack of knowing the language. haha I hope that they felt the Spirit and will want to learn more.

And Alec, I was talking to a member and he said Argentinians sound like they are singing when they speak Spanish. haha

And about transfers I might be going to the farm that we work in so I might need to buy quite a few clothes. Like jeans boots and t shirts but I do not know I will let you guys know if I need them or not and
if the mission will give me money or not!

Thank you for all the love! I miss you guys and am so grateful to be here on my mission doing the Lords work and hope that I will be able to make a difference.

Amo vocês!

Elder Dawson

This is us dressing up like prophets
to tell stories to the primary

Me and a member at the visitors center
looking up at the "Angels"

Just having fun...

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